What is the School Tool all about? It is more than just a website...

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn". Ignacio Estrada.

Think about this for a moment. Simple concept - teach the way they learn. But what about the practical application? How is it feasible to teach 25 kids in a classroom each in a way that they respond to most effectively, a way they can identify with and a way which gives them the best possible education? How can this be replicated from 25 kids to each class in the school, each school in the region, each region in the country... you get what I'm saying here.

We live in a world where the students of today have the brightest minds at their finger tips. Experts on every subject, any subject, are available to our students in seconds. Whatever the question is, students have the ability to learn the answer even before the teacher has finished taking them through the tried and tested learning process.

On a related note we have communication - a topic also in the middle of significant change. When I was a kid, the oldest sibling (this was to increase the chance of the note making it out of the school bag!) would get given a printed out note to be handed to their parents, and anything parents wanted to highlight or discuss would again be passed on as a note through the student and if needed, a face to face meeting would follow.

Now there are over 200 active social networking sites, we have email, SMS, and of course we still have paper notes and face to face meetings but the point here is that the way people communicate effectively in their own circles varies and paper notes and face to face are not the most effective way for everyone.

So in the educational space, we have two major issues before us:

  1. How do we teach students in a real and effective way given that the way we have learned to teach is different to the way students have learned to learn?
  2. How do we communicate effectively between teacher, student and parent, given that the way we are used to communicating is now different to the way each person listens and understands?

The School Tool does not pretend to be the one stop shop to fix everything - far from it actually at the moment.

The reality is that digital technology has the ability to tackle these issues head on and deliver real, tangible results in an accessible way. It's a possibility that grows more and more real as more schools jump on board, because with feedback and consultation with schools acoss the country and even the world, we can design and develop digital tools that will analyse individual learning and adapt. Tools that will measure different metrics as students learn and automatically create a learning path completely tailored to the needs of each student.

Teachers of today will instead become facilitators, empowering students to find the answers, rather than giving them the answers themselves - still absolutely relevant, still absolutely vital in the education of our students but taking a digital, accessible and adaptive approach to help our students be the best they can be, to ultimately reach for the stars believing in their hearts and minds that they will be able to achieve their hopes and dreams - and they will.

Using digital technology, the School Tool will seamlessly integrate with different forms of communication ensuring that the same message is delivered but in a way which is most easily understood by all parties involved and personal preferences will ensure everyone knows what is happening, when it's happening and what part they need to play.

The School Tool is a fully functional professional website which is central and a solid foundation to a bigger mission. It is priced to be accessible to all schools and while the up front payment covers the initial design and set up, the monthly payment covers hosting, support and further development so 'crowd sourcing' is really a driving factor in how fast this solution grows.

If you want to help shape the future of education and communication between students, parents and teachers - get your school on board today.